Fincas Pisomar was founded in 1997, since then we have been growing, always attentive to the market, and adapting at all times to the needs and demands of the most discerning clientele, it has made us a leading company in providing real estate services quality in Castelldefels and in the most prestigious residential areas surrounding the city of Barcelona.

We like the friendly and personalized service, we put in place to understand your needs and we get involved in the whole process of finding and buying that property you are looking for, whether to live or to invest.

We know in detail the territory in which we operate. We are experts in our area, and therefore we can find and select the best properties that suit your tastes and needs.

Fincas Pisomar is a strong and committed to you company, with a multidisciplinary team that will help you in all matters related to the sale or rental of property. We cover all aspects related to the purchase / sale of property, legal, financial and tax advice. This overview is the guarantee of our success.

Pompeu y Fabra, 5, Castelldefels (Barcelona) Tel: 93 636 07 53 - Fax: 93 636 66 49 - Email:
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