Obres i reformes

Equilibri entre qualitat i preu.

In collaboration with the architectural firm “ATHM2, S.L.U.“ ideas become viable real estate projects for the residential and commercial sector.

We build, project and / or restore property adapting to the characteristics and budget of each client, developing the most of their potential.

Our services of architecture and construction, we have extensive experience in:

  • New buildings
  • Interior rehabilitation.
  • Construction management.
  • Rehabilitation of Buildings.
  • Certificates of Habitability.
  • Energy Efficiency Certificates.

Foremost, the quality level we achieved in the implementation of projects with great attention to finishes, materials and especially the lead time to get your satisfaction.

Pompeu y Fabra, 5, Castelldefels (Barcelona) Tel: 93 636 07 53 - Fax: 93 636 66 49 - Email: fincaspisomar@yahoo.es
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